Smartbiz Capital - ONE-Stop Consultancy Firm


Smartbiz Capital is a ONE-Stop Consultancy Firm that assists SMEs and individual to start up business to manage and grow in business world, from digital business transormation, business accounting and finance and financial solutions. Our goal is to help increase business cash flow, working capital from the related platforms and borrowers.

Consumers' Choice Award
Most Outstanding Wealth Advisor 2023
The Malaysian Most Outstanding Wealth Advisors (MMOWA) 2023, organized by the National Consumer Action Council, was a momentous event that celebrated the dedication and expertise of financial advisors who have made significant contributions to the community’s financial literacy. At the heart of this endeavor are the financial advisors, who play a vital role in guiding and educating individuals towards achieving their financial goals. The Malaysian Most Outstanding Wealth Advisors 2023 was a commendable event that recognized the invaluable contributions of financial advisors in promoting financial literacy within the community. Their dedication to empowering individuals and families through expert advice and education has positively impacted countless lives.